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Hey. This is a site for RPing fans. All may join, but let me tell you. You must be the wolf! This is a Warrior fan site with similar roles but different animals.

Packs of vicious wolves surround you. You have entered their territory and will pay dearly. If you would like to survive, you will have to join one of the packs. Based off the Cardinal directions, each pack is different in personality. Are you fierce? The East Pack is for you. Are you beautiful and vain? Then the West Pack is for you. Are you greedy? Then the North Pack is for you. Are you small but fierce? Then the South Pack is for you. But wait, there is one more pack. The Shadow Pack is a collection of the exiled wolves who have banded together to get revenge on those who have wronged them.
Everyone is welcome. Please read the rules and follow them.

http://www.smm.org/buzz/sites/all/files_static/phenology/wolf_forum.jpg Remember, Be The Wolf.

~Have 50 wolves by June 1, 2010
~Have three new positions by December 31, 2010

~site is up and running (2/23/09)

Please don't message me for a promotion. I give when I give and I won't hesitate to take back. For example, /:/ Rin \:\ recieved a promotion to mod today. I have worked with /:/ Rin \:\ before. /:/ Rin \:\ is Lighty, for those who know only Lighty. I am not one who will follow the saying, "Ask and you shall recieve." For me, it's "Ask and your request will be ignored." I change people's permisions when I feel that they DESERVE it. Not before.

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